Let me tell you about my best friend..


“Let me tell you about my best friend….”

No really, let me tell you about this puppy me and my boyfriend just so happened to come across this weekend. He had been browsing Facebook and came across a post about this puppy that was found. He showed me the pictures and gave me those puppy eyes saying, “pleaseeeee”. Now….he had known I wanted a kitty for the longest time, and I was actively looking for a kitten. Him not being a big cat person, wasn’t so excited about it.
I am pretty sure this is why he started showing me pictures of this adorable puppy, to sway me to get a puppy instead of a cat.

I called the lady that had found the puppy, Susan, and chatted with her about the dog. She sold me on him. It only took about a 10 minute conversation with her for me to realize I had to have this dog. I didn’t even need to go see him first, I knew I wanted him.



Once we showed up to her house we met her and her husband. They were the sweetest couple ever!! And to make things even better she had a blog as well!!! At that moment I knew it was fate that she was brought into my life.

Ashtree Cottage  here is a link to her blog!! You must check it out.

Once we brought the puppy home we decided to name him Chewy, after Chewbacca. He was different brown colors and had stripes. It was perfect.


It has only been a few days since we got Chewy and we are absolutely in love. He has grown to love his new home, and his new brother, Nugget!!

Thank you sooo much to Susan for finding this little guy and rescuing him! You will forever be in my heart.


Did I mention during the mist of all of this puppiness I was making Texas Trash…I’m pretty sure both of the puppies appreciated this late Sunday night when they were finding little pieces of it on the floor.


Recipe soon to come!!!! Back to the World Series and cuddling with puppies.

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  1. Susan says:

    Chewy found his perfect forever home. He is such a special little guy! I love the picture of him in your car. He’s a little angel and I am so happy that he brought the two of us together.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

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